Are custom orthotics for you?

Are custom orthotics from Best Feet for you? Well if you suffer from chronic joint pain including, back, hip, knee, and foot pain it might be because your base is unbalanced. That is where Best Feet custom orthotics can help. During our custom fittings we take prints of your feet to determine where your balance is off and where our custom orthotics can help.


Immediate pain relief?

Not always but many times when someone is suffering with joint pain issues caused by shoes that do not provide enough support a custom fitment can reduce the pain significantly.


Suffering from Plantar fasciitis ?

If your foot is tender and you have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or you suspect you might be suffering from this debilitating condition you should definitely try Best feet Orthotics.


Not sure about what condition you might have? Take our free symptom checker below and learn what might be going on with your chronic pain symptoms.

Free Fittings


Free Evaluation

Foot, Back, Hip or Knee Pain? We'll perform a free evaluation and balance test.


Professional Fitting

We professionally fit your new orthotic insoles specifically for your foot and arch.


Try Before You Buy

Try on your pain relief arch supports and see how great they make you feel within minutes!


Wear Your Pain Relief Home Same Day

Why wait? Enjoy the benefits and start getting relief today!

What To Expect

Depends on the severity of your pain. We want to help you and will take all the time necessary to get you back on your feet comfortably.

Some flexible spending accounts (FSA) allow for orthotic purchases. Check with your provider for more details. We do offer financing too!

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