Custom Orthotic Insoles


Custom orthotics insoles have been found to assist in pain relief  for many joint pain ailments.

Balance is key to any structure and your body is no different. Many joint pain symptoms have been attributed to imbalances in your feet due to the current styles and manufacturing of popular shoes. Over time this imbalance in your shoes can cause chronic pain further up your leg to include knee pain, back pain and hip pain.


The Foundation

Like a building’s foundation your feet carry all of the weight in your body and can sometimes shift causing severe problems and pain. Our custom orthotics are equivalent to repairing a foundation. That is why our first step is assessing your foot print and identifying the parts that improperly supported. 


Addressing the imbalance

Once we have identified the parts of your foot that are not being supported either by a flat foot or poorly manufactured shoes we can start fitting you for custom orthotics. We start with a trainer which is an aggressive orthotic to get your foot set to restore your balance. Paired with our cushion insoles it sometimes provides immediate pain relief from the foot up the leg all the way up the back. 


Maintaining balance

Trainers are aggressive and should not be worn continuously which is why we also fit you for a maintainer  and relaxer. A maintainer is for  ever day use and provides the same support points as the trainer but with a tapered approach to full correction like the trainer. Lastly we have our relaxer which is self explanatory it is important during balance correction to keep support throughout the process and our relaxers allow you to maintain the new balance but while in a relaxing way. 


Custom Orthotic Insoles

At Best Feet our team as been trained to help you identify the imbalances within your foot print. They are here for you at no charge because we understand that orthotic insoles are not for everyone. However, if you are experiencing foot pain and are interested in trying something different come on in; the fitting is FREE!


Free Fittings


Free Evaluation

Foot, Back, Hip or Knee Pain? We'll perform a free evaluation and balance test.


Professional Fitting

We professionally fit your new orthotic insoles specifically for your foot and arch.


Try Before You Buy

Try on your pain relief arch supports and see how great they make you feel within minutes!


Wear Your Pain Relief Home Same Day

Why wait? Enjoy the benefits and start getting relief today!

What To Expect

Depends on the severity of your pain. We want to help you and will take all the time necessary to get you back on your feet comfortably.

Some flexible spending accounts (FSA) allow for orthotic purchases. Check with your provider for more details. We do offer financing too!

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