We provide immediate relief and proven results with a non-surgical, drug free approach using professionally fitted orthotic shoe insoles that fit inside your favorite shoes!
Custom Orthotic Insoles

Our Orthotics

Did you know that chronic pain can occur due to misalignment of your feet? That’s where Best Feet comes in. Our orthotic arch support experts will perform a free pain evaluation and professionally fit you with pain relieving arch supports the same day you come in. You can try them on and feel the relief the same day and even wear them home.

Orthotic Insoles

Custom Orthotic Insoles


Trainers will begin the pain relief process by aligning your feet, ankles, knees and back by bringing you proper support and unbelievable balance.


These everyday, all day orthotic insoles help you maintain your arch with precision support and balance.


Designed to let your feet relax after using your trainers and maintainers all day long. These relaxers are softer and let you ramp it down for the day.

Free Fittings


Free Evaluation

Foot, Back, Hip or Knee Pain? We'll perform a free evaluation and balance test.


Professional Fitting

We professionally fit your new orthotic insoles specifically for your foot and arch.


Try Before You Buy

Try on your pain relief arch supports and see how great they make you feel within minutes!


Wear Your Pain Relief Home Same Day

Why wait? Enjoy the benefits and start getting relief today!

What To Expect

Depends on the severity of your pain. We want to help you and will take all the time necessary to get you back on your feet comfortably.

Some flexible spending accounts (FSA) allow for orthotic purchases. Check with your provider for more details. We do offer financing too!

Orthotic Footwear


Compression Socks, Cushion Socks: We are an authoized dealer of Feetures socks!

Drew Shoes

PROBLEM SOLVED® Fit, Comfort, and Style. Many styles to choose from with Drew orthotic shoes! Orthopedic/ Diabetic Shoes

San Antonio Shoes

SAS’s line features everything from orthopedic walking and athletic shoes to pumps, flats, sandals, and more!

Shoe Cushions

These shoe cushions go on top of your orthotic insoles to provide extra cushioning for added comfort.

Additional Products


If you sit at work you need this product. Have a seat during your next visit.

Heel Lifts

Height increasing insoles, foot levelers. Add comfort for bad fitting shoes with a cushioned heel lift. Reduce the stress today.

Shoe Horns

A properly fitted shoe can be tough to get dress shoes on easily. Grab a shoe horn and make it easy.

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