Why Best Feet?

There are so many different orthotic stores; which is better this, that, or those feet?

With the success custom orthotics have had in relieving joint pain symptoms it is no wonder so many have tried to open custom orthotic stores. The truth is that chasing an industry without the experience to fit custom orthotics properly is a recipe for disaster not only for the store but for you the customer.


Customers come first!

We didn’t open Best Feet without the experience necessary to help our customers.  Our stores are maintained by professionals with over 14 years of experience that train our employees to help our customers live their best life without joint pain.


Troy Z.

The most trusted name in custom orthotics Troy Z. has held leadership roles throughout the custom orthotic industry. His stores consistently led the nation in sales because not only were his employees trained properly but they were trained to have a customer first attitude. If a customer can’t find relief using his methods most likely custom orthotics are not for this customer.


Check your symptoms and try before you buy.

Custom orthotics are not for everyone but for some they offer immediate for joint pain symptoms. Use our free resources to learn about over 100 different joint pain conditions and use our free online  symptom checker 24/7. We have a no appointment necessary policy come on in today and give them a try it’s FREE.


Click Here to Check Your Symptoms

Free Fittings


Free Evaluation

Foot, Back, Hip or Knee Pain? We'll perform a free evaluation and balance test.


Professional Fitting

We professionally fit your new orthotic insoles specifically for your foot and arch.


Try Before You Buy

Try on your pain relief arch supports and see how great they make you feel within minutes!


Wear Your Pain Relief Home Same Day

Why wait? Enjoy the benefits and start getting relief today!

What To Expect

Depends on the severity of your pain. We want to help you and will take all the time necessary to get you back on your feet comfortably.

Some flexible spending accounts (FSA) allow for orthotic purchases. Check with your provider for more details. We do offer financing too!

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